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Angstadt Family Dental Discusses the Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

People may feel or see a sore in their mouth that never seems to disappear. If it is not bothering them, however, they might simply let it go. One should never do this, as the growth or sore could be a sign of oral cancer. Who should a person see in this situation? Angstadt Family Dental can be of great help in determining what the sore or growth is and what additional steps may need to be taken to treat it. Following is some information everyone should know about oral cancer.

The Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer may appear in many forms. Patches in the mouth, typically red, velvety white or a combination of red and white, may be a sign of cancer. Any lump, bump, swelling or rough spot also needs to be examined. Don’t simply look at the lips and gums. These problems may appear on or underneath the tongue and in other places in the oral cavity, and all need to be checked out. Any unusual bleeding in the mouth is cause for concern as is any loss of feeling or numbness in the area. Furthermore, these are only a few of the symptoms patients need to be aware of, and a dentist can provide additional information.

Who Is Prone to Oral Cancer?

Men are more likely to develop this type of cancer as women, and the risk increases with age. Furthermore, individuals who smoke or make use of smokeless tobacco are at higher risk, and the same is true of people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol. A family history of cancer is also a risk factor when it comes to this type of cancer, and there are others. Again, a dentist is a great resource when it comes to obtaining more information about oral cancer and risk factors.

Angstadt Family Dental is committed to helping patients detect oral cancer early and screens patients during their checkups. Visit the Website to learn more about this disease, the symptoms, treatments and more. In addition, don’t hesitate to speak to the dentist about oral cancer and any questions or concerns you have. He or she is there to help in any way they can.

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