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FAQs About Dental Implants In Effingham, IL

In Illinois, patients visit cosmetic dentists to enhance the look of their smile. When they lose teeth due to damage or decay, they need a better solution to improve their smile. The following are FAQs about Dental Implants Effingham IL and how they accommodate these requirements.

What Aspect Determines if the Patient Can Acquire Implants?

Conditions that affect the strength of the jawbone can prevent the patient from acquiring implants. The jawbone must support the implant teeth correctly and shouldn’t present the possibility of dislodging. The dentist reviews the current condition of the jawbone to determine if additional steps are needed.

Why are Bone Grafts Performed?

Patients with weakened jawbones need bone grafts. These grafts are installed to build up the strength of the jawbone. The dentist reviews the strength of the jaw after the bone graft is completed. If necessary, the dentist may perform up to three bone grafts to ensure adequate strength of the bone.

What Steps are Involved in Dental Implant Surgery?

First, the dentist installs the titanium root into the jawbone. They follow the path from the tooth socket into the jawbone. This helps them to re-position a tooth in the same location as the natural tooth. This could give the patient a more natural look overall. Next, they connect the implant tooth with the root. The entire process can take up to two months. However, select dentists may provide all services in one day.

Are Dental Implants Covered Under Dental Insurance Policies?

No, dental implants aren’t covered under dental insurance policies. The procedure is classified as elective or cosmetic. It isn’t medically necessary and doesn’t acquire any coverage under these classifications.

In Illinois, dental patients acquire implants to replace their missing teeth more permanently. These devices are better alternatives to dentures and partials. They look more natural than dentures and eliminate common hindrances associated with the removable choices. They don’t hinder the patient’s speech or ability to chew correctly. They are also proportionate to the patient’s smile and give them an aesthetically pleasing look. Patients who want to acquire Dental Implants Effingham IL contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. right now.

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