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All You Need to Know About Getting a Root Canal, Get Help in Glenview

Getting a root canal may seem like bad news, but it’s actually a very common procedure. When your tooth becomes very infected, your dentist cleans out the infection and places a cap on it. This helps stop the spread of infection. But just how complicated is this procedure?

Before the Surgery

Before beginning the surgery, your dentist needs to take X-rays of your teeth to understand the formation of your roots under the gums and develop a plan of action. Knowing how the roots look underneath gives your dentist a heads up on what to expect once the surgery commences. Once that’s done, your dentist gives you an anesthetic to numb the area.

During the Surgery

After that spot is thoroughly numb, your dentist makes an entrance hole in your tooth, which allows them to get to the point of infection. This is where the term “canal” is used. They used this hole to scrub the sides of the canal and clean out the infection. Water is used to flush this all out and keep your mouth clean.

Once it’s been thoroughly cleaned, your dentist begins placing a cap or filling on that hole. This may take some time depending on the size of the hole and the amount of the root that had to be removed. Once the filling is set, you’re good to go!

After the Surgery

After your root canal surgery, your dentist may recommend certain brushing methods to avoid upsetting the newly placed filling. You’re also asked to avoid eating sticky and chewy foods for a few days after the process to protect the filling. Your dentist in Glenview can give your pain medication to reduce pain and swelling in the area, as well.

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