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Procedures at an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ

Advanced technologies make it possible for many cosmetic dental procedures to be completed at a general dentist office. While those procedures are fine for minor issues or superficial changes, some procedures require an Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ. Treatments for TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorders, are an example. Successful treatment depends on the proper assessment of the specific problem.

Dental Implants

Another example is dental implants. New procedures, called mini implants, do not require any suturing. The anchors are secured in place without being drilled into the jaw bone. Denture plates, bridges, and crowns can be added on the same day. The results are adequate, and most people are satisfied.

Traditional implants are a bit more involved but are essential in some cases. Titanium posts are placed into the jaw bone under the gum. That area has to heal for four to six months before the procedure can continue. In that time, the implant will fuse to the bone.

Another visit to the Oral Surgery Practice in Short Hills NJ will then be arranged for the dentures or crown to be placed onto the titanium. It is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Once completed, the artificial teeth can be brushed along with the natural teeth.


Implanting dentures provide several benefits to wearers. The first is money savings because the cost of adhesives is eliminated. There is no longer any space between the plate and the palate where food particles can get trapped. Small pieces of food can be painful when lodged. Chewing is also easier which aids in digestion and allows people to eat what they want.

Confidence is restored because wearers no longer have to be concerned about difficulty speaking or dentures slipping. Adhesives wear down and dissolve throughout the day due to eating, drinking, and saliva. By the time a wearer arrives at a party or family gathering in the evening, dentures can begin to slip which is embarrassing.

Experienced oral surgery practices, such as Westfield Oral Surgery, can assess the condition of the mouth and determine if implants are appropriate. Other procedures include selecting the right sleep device for apnea or snoring and wisdom teeth removal.

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