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Services Provided By A Children’s Dentist In Redding

In California, parents want the best dental services for their children. These services should provide them with extraordinary opportunities to keep their child’s teeth and gums healthy. A Children’s Dentist Redding provides treatments and the building blocks for maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout the lives of local children.

Routine Dental Examinations

Routine dental examinations are vital for discovering issues that threaten the teeth and gums. Local dentists provide these services once each year. Children undergo this annual checkup to determine if changes are needed. These changes could relate to the products they use or nutritional challenges. The dentist makes suggestions for parents when the oral health of the child is at risk.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are provided for children who don’t receive the mineral through local water supplies. A lack of fluoride can have a negative impact on their teeth and gums. It can cause discoloration and make teeth become brittle.

Restorative Measures for Children

Restorative measures for children include fillings and crowns primarily. The dentist fills in cavities to protect the tooth until it is lost naturally. They also provide crowns when the tooth is damaged severely. Typically, pediatric dentists provide metal crowns for baby teeth that are repaired. This prevents early extractions that may cause damage to developing adult teeth.

Alignment Correction for Teens

Braces are provided to correct alignment issues. These conditions vary in severity. The dentist evaluates the teen’s teeth to determine what type of braces are most appropriate for the patient. A minor to moderate alignment correction is conducted with Invisalign. These braces are replaced every two weeks. They aren’t as visible as metal braces. They are also removable.

On the other hand, patients with overcrowding or severe alignment issues need more traditional choices. The dentist recommends metal or ceramic braces for these patients.

California children need clear solutions for their oral health concerns. Parents acquire these services for them through local dental professionals. The services include routine care, restorations, and corrective services. Parents who wish to schedule an appointment with a Children’s Dentist Redding should contact Moore & Pascarella Dental Group for more details today.

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