Benefits Of Choosing the iTero Digital Scanner for Oral Imaging

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Dental Supply Store

The iTero Digital Scanner is a state-of-the art technology that allows dental technicians to capture highly accurate 3D digital images of your mouth. Other methods of taking impressions involve a chemical substance being poured into the mouth that solidifies into a mold for the teeth. The iTero scanner removes the need for conventional impressions and put clients on the fast track to starting straightening treatments like Invisalign, crowns, veneers, and implants.

from iTero work by capturing images to quickly create three-dimensional dental images. They are very easy to use and can be operated by one technician. Their ease of use help dental professionals offer their clients more detailed results than conventional methods they replace.

Utilizing the latest optical technology, the iTero scanner works by providing a digital image of the structure of the teeth and soft tissue structures. It comes packaged in a compact, hand-held wand and your orthodontist can start and stop the process as many times as necessary. The wand holds a radiation-free laser and the scan only takes a few minutes. It captures thousands of frames in a second which create the three-dimensional visualization of your mouth. The wand is small, so dental professionals can get to your furthest molars without difficulty. The size of the wand also makes it so the procedure is not limited to how wide you can open your mouth. Convenient digital software also allows you to follow the progress of the scans, which you can easily see on a monitor.

Another benefit of the iTero Digital Scanner is patient comfort. The digital impression that it delivers is more accurate than a regular dental impression. It is completely safe and does not expose you to any radiation. Another benefit is that it is accurate and does not take a lot of time to conduct. Any treatments or alignments that are being measured for will also have a superior fit as a result.

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