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Emergency Dentist Parramatta: Save Teeth

Emergency health situations are a normal part of life. Injuries often happen while playing sports, swimming with friends, or even just walking around the house. There are hazards everywhere. When a tooth is involved in a sudden injury, things can get complicated.

A tooth that is chipped, or has fallen out, cannot be saved if treatment does not happen immediately. Many dentists are not open for emergencies after hours. An emergency dentist in Paramatta can help you navigate tooth injuries at odd hours.

A dentist that is available for emergencies often supplies all patients with an after-hours phone number. This is to be called when a tooth is chipped, falls out, or excessive pain occurs. An emergency dentist in Paramatta can meet you at odd hours to attempt a save of the tooth. You must call immediately when these things happen so that instructions can be given.

You may need to store the tooth a certain way if it has been knocked out. The best way to secure emergency care is to find a dentist that handles emergencies before you actually need one. This way you have a number ready to call.

The dentists at No Gaps Dental act fast to make sure the best options are available to you in an emergency. Once you arrive at the office, a prompt exam is given to determine the course of action. They don’t waste any time when you have a tooth that has been forcibly removed from the mouth. The main goal is to preserve your original tooth and get it put back into place. Chips can also cut deep enough to expose sensitive parts of the tooth. When pain from this occurs, they are available 24 hours a day to remedy the problem. An emergency dentist in Paramatta can meet all of your urgent needs.

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