Fill in Those Oral Gaps Using a Dental Bridge in Jackson MI

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Dentists & Clinics

Dental caries (cavities) are one of the most difficult issues to eliminate. Part of the problem is the fact that the cavity is not the actual issue, but a symptom of oral neglect. The obvious solution is to have the cavity cared for before it gets too large or reduces the strength of the tooth. Unfortunately, it seems like a cavity can spread to other teeth, although, this is not what actually happens. Instead, the bacteria in and around the caries can spread to other teeth which eventually results in another cavity forming. However, the real problem is patients who avoid dental procedures until any damaged teeth are beyond normal repairs.

One way to eliminate this situation is to have the teeth extracted and replaced with a Dental Bridge in Jackson MI. A bridge is a dental prosthesis designed to replace one or more missing teeth. However, the device is not always very secure without the help of any adjacent teeth. That is, the dentist will use any surrounding teeth as the anchor to hold the bridge. This gives the prosthesis some support, but it is never truly stable unless some form of adhesive is applied. For many people, this option is not a solution because dental adhesives are usually quite messy and may not work as advertised.

Another reason that a Dental Bridge in Jackson MI may be necessary is physical damage to the teeth or jaw. Damage caused by accidents or physical violence can dislodge a tooth or completely remove it from its socket. To fill the resultant void, the dentist will design a bridge that fits the exact area. While the prosthetic functions as a replacement tooth, it also serves the purpose of preventing the other teeth from shifting. This avoids the problem of a crooked smile which presents a whole other set of issues.

If the thought of a bridge makes the person feel uncomfortable, then the dentist may suggest dental implants. The implant is an artificial root used to anchor a crown. However, it can serve another function such as anchoring a bridge or denture in place. This is a much better solution than anchoring the device to adjacent teeth because the latter option tends to damage any tooth used for this purpose. Plus, continued use of the prosthetic can increase that damage. Please click here for more information.

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