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Get Emergency Dental Assistance in Port Orange When You Need it Most

Dental worries that evolve into dire emergencies are best imagined. There’s something about problems with your teeth that can disturb a lot. You may not be able to sleep all night because of a terrible toothache. Your bridge or crown may become damaged. Your filling may have fallen apart, exposing the sensitive nerves in the middle of your tooth. These are only minor problems when you compare them to severe facial trauma caused by an accident.

Your first instinct may be to call your regular dentist. Unfortunately, the office could be closed, or your problem could be out of your dentist’s area of expertise. Your next instinct is to head off to the hospital. You could have a long wait in acute pain. The best emergency room staff may be able to do might be to give you a pain reliever and tell you to see an emergency dentist.

Why Wait for Emergency Dental Care?
Emergency dental services in Port Orange are available to bring you timely assistance. Whether you need to have your broken tooth repaired, you have a fractured jaw, or you are looking at other injuries involving your mouth, an emergency dentist can help. You won’t be sent home without finding relief.

Get an Expert Opinion from the Start
When you immediately seek emergency dental services in Port Orange, an oral surgeon will be able to assess the problem, provide treatment, and offer you any follow-up care that is needed. Learn more about emergency dentistry offered by Cardinal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates.

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