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Porcelain veneers are a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to correct a less-than-perfect smile. Veneers are thin sheets that laminate your teeth, restoring your smile to its bright perfection while giving each laminated tooth a full, symmetrical appearance.

The Art of Transforming Smiles

Chicago Dental Arts is your source of porcelain laminates and veneers in Skokie. Our seasoned team offers a wide assortment of options and pain-free procedures. Veneers offer a wonderful array of cosmetic, lifestyle and health benefits. With gleaming white teeth you’re more inclined to smile confidently, a natural passport that can transform how you maneuver through social situations.

Naturally, good oral hygiene and avoidance of certain foods helps to retain brilliant tooth color. At the same time, veneers serve as another barrier of protection between the elements and your natural tooth enamel, helping to preserve tooth structure and color.

Best of all, veneers cover chips, cracks, and discoloration that is too deeply ingrained to bleach away. Our veneers in Skokie at Chicago Dental Arts are meticulously designed on a case by case basis. Each veneer is designed to mesh perfectly with your teeth, typically the front-facing teeth.

Veneers by our Skokie dentist is also a good way to reshape worn-down and misshapen teeth, closing unsightly gaps. By closing gaps and worn-down teeth, your smile takes on a fuller, more even appearance worthy of any up-close photo opportunity or high-octane business lunch.

State-of-the-Art & Stress-Free

At Chicago Dental Arts, we use a consultative process to target problem areas and identify optimal features of your new smile. Our imaging technology is the most advanced available, enabling us to design and fashion your ideal smile. We also rely on sedation-dentistry techniques, helping you remain as relaxed and undisturbed throughout your procedure.

To ensure your safety, we furnish you with car service to and from your appointment. Give us a call today, or contact us using our quick, easy online contact form.

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