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How to Care for a Tooth After a Root Canal in Hyde Park

Root canal therapy is one of the most commonly used dental procedures. The treatment is prescribed whenever a tooth becomes infected and the nerve becomes inflamed. A successful root canal keeps the patient from needing to have a tooth extraction. Following a Root Canal in Hyde Park, there a few things every patient should do to maintain the health of their tooth.

Get a Dental Crown

During a Root Canal in Hyde Park, the infected tooth is hollowed out. The dentist will clean out all of the diseased tissue from inside the tooth. The nerve will also be removed. Although the dentist will fill the tooth with a special rubber material, the strength of the tooth will be compromised. The tooth will be more apt to crack or shatter under pressure. Even chewing everyday foods may lead to disaster. This is why most dentists recommend being fitted for a dental crown. When a porcelain crown is placed over the tooth, it provides an extra layer of reinforcement. It is especially important to have a crown put on top of any molars since they are responsible for the bulk of chewing.

Remember to Brush and Floss

Just because the nerve of a tooth has been removed doesn’t mean it is immune from decay. Bacteria can thrive on any tooth, regardless of whether or not a root canal has been performed. After a root canal procedure, it is important to continue practicing proper dental hygiene. This means remembering to brush twice a day. Flossing daily is also suggested. If the tooth has been fitted with a dental crown, be sure to brush at the base of the crown. This is commonplace for dangerous bacteria to grow. Good dental hygiene habits will prevent cavities from forming in the treated tooth.

Having a root canal on an infected tooth will stop a toothache in its tracks. This dental procedure is often the only way a tooth can be saved. If you need a root canal for a badly diseased tooth, talk to your dentist about how to protect the tooth afterward. Dental crowns and good dental hygiene are always recommended. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists if you think a root canal may be needed for your tooth.

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