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Could Invisalign be the Answer You Seek, Find a Professional in Chicago

Misaligned and crooked teeth can make you feel a little self-conscious about your smile. Most people in Chicago find that they should have gotten braces as a teenager but didn’t. Now, they wonder if there is something they can do or if they must deal with the issues that come with crooked teeth. Invisalign could be the right choice, especially if you have a mild bite problem. While most people think about the cosmetic aspects of straight teeth, you may also want to consider the health benefits, as well.

For example, crooked teeth are harder to clean, which means routine brushing and flossing may not keep the bacteria away. When it’s time to go to the dentist, it means you sit there longer, and they have to work harder. This can cause extra discomfort and may cause you to have more decay in the teeth or problems with the gums.


They’re called Invisalign for a reason. While they aren’t like traditional braces that use metal brackets and wires to connect them, they can still straighten the teeth over time. You get a series of custom trays that are designed for your mouth. They may feel a little tight or strange at first, but they are nearly invisible. Therefore, others won’t notice that you’re wearing them.

More Comfortable

One of the most significant issues people have with traditional braces is that they must be tightened periodically, which can be highly painful. Chicago residents that choose invisible braces have no cause for concern. They can be removed while you eat and you can remove them to brush and sleep, which means you can lead a normal life.

Invisalign is an excellent choice for adults who don’t want the metal mouth of traditional braces.

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