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4 Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Smile for Your Family in Jenks, Oklahoma

When you get a fever, you don’t hesitate to go to the doctor’s office for a checkup. But when you have a toothache, you stay at home hoping it will go away after some time. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of their oral health the way they feel about their general health. Your mouth is the hallway to the rest of your body, and therefore you should care for it the same way you care for your overall body health. Elwood family dentistry recommends the following tips for good oral health for you and your family.

Rinse Your Mouth after Drinking Coffee
Coffee and tea are healthy beverages, but unfortunately, many people can’t resist adding some sugar to these drinks. Coffee is also known to cause dehydration. That’s why you probably end up with a dry mouth after taking coffee. If you have to drink coffee, make sure you take lots of water to wash down the sugars and also prevent staining your teeth. It’s also essential to restrict add-ons to a minimum.

Seek Regular Dental Care
Elwood Family dentistry encourages patients to prevent periodontal disease and dental decay before it worsens. Seeing a hygienist and brushing your teeth will keep your mouth healthy and gum diseases at bay.

Limit Alcohol Intake
Like coffee and tea, excess intake of alcohol causes dehydration which eventually leads to dry mouth. Alcohol combined with citric content and sugars is an excellent recipe for tooth decay.

Watch Out for These Foods
Some foods are known to break down the enamel that protects your teeth. Examples of such foods include acidic fruits and sticky, sugary foods.

If you’d like more tips to keep your family’s oral health well covered, don’t hesitate to contact Elwood Avenue Dental. Visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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