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Dental Implants in Annapolis and Procedures that do a Combination of Aesthetic and Restorative Work

Dental Implants in Annapolis restore smiles with their ability to replace an entire row of teeth. They are permanently attached to the gums with posts that serve the same purpose as tooth roots. Artificial teeth are fixed to the posts and function just as natural teeth do. Dental Implants in Annapolis can prevent oral maladies that develop from absent teeth. When a big section of the gums is exposed to food residue, bacteria that would normally be removed by brushing saturate the gums. That bacteria can reach the bone in the jaws that were once a foundation for natural teeth. There is high risk for bone loss in the jaw under these conditions. Dental implants restore smiles and prevent bone loss.

Cosmetic oral procedures are in high demand. As the years go by with tooth enamel exposed to stain-causing foods and drinks, the pearly white shade of teeth can grow dull. In-office professional teeth whitening returns teeth to their perfect white shade in one or two laser whitening sessions. A gel and laser work together to lift stains from the teeth. Stain removal of this type can’t be accomplished with everyday brushing. The results of teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist can last for years. Quick touch-up treatments may be done periodically if necessary.

For dental patients who have only one or two teeth with mild problems, a porcelain dental crown could fix those issues. Porcelain crowns are for teeth that can’t be repaired with fillings and need a protective covering. The cosmetic dentist makes sure the fabricated tooth is shaped to fit perfectly next to adjacent teeth. Dental crowns can shield chipped and cracked teeth from further harm. They are made of durable materials that can withstand accidental force from a hard food or bump to the mouth.

Porcelain onlays and inlays other options that cover a portion of the tooth, usually the anterior part. Onlays correct minor imperfections on the teeth and add reinforced strength to tooth enamel. After an oral exam and consultation, dentists can determine if one of these procedures is right for the patient. Click Here to learn more.

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