Dental Implants in Summit NJ Are Becoming the Standard for Teeth Replacement

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Dentist

Modern dental implants have been around longer than most people realize, but only in the past few decades have they become a prevalent choice for individuals who need false teeth. An issue with affordability was a main problem in the past, but prices have come down to more reasonable levels. In addition, dental insurance has started picking up the tab for a significant amount of the procedure. Dentists who place Implants in Summit NJ and elsewhere have strongly encouraged insurance companies to pay for the devices and surgical process because of the physical and psychological health benefits to patients.

Dental Implants in Summit NJ look almost exactly like natural teeth, which is a distinct psychological benefit. They also are more convenient than dentures and removable bridges. They never need to be removed for cleaning or to allow the gums a chance to rest. Instead, the wearer brushes and flosses as usual.

Physical advantages may be even more important. Implants stimulate the jawbone, just as natural teeth roots do. That promotes new bone growth and prevents bone deterioration. Most people have seen what tends to happen when someone has been missing a large number of teeth for many years: the bone shrinks and the mouth starts to look caved in. In addition, if only one or two implants are needed in the midst of other teeth, they prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. Removable bridges cannot do this. Teeth roots naturally start moving into the gap if nothing is there to stop them.

Modern-day dental implants, with titanium rods that function as roots, were invented in the late 1950s after it was discovered that titanium actually fuses with bone, becoming fully integrated. Most humans have no sensitivity to this metal. These factors make it an ideal material for permanent false teeth. Of course, crowns to top the rods are necessary for cosmetic purposes. The crowns are strong enough to withstand normal chewing activity. The first operation to install dental implants took place in the mid-1960s. Now, dental implants from a practice such as Westfield Oral Surgery are swiftly becoming the standard for teeth replacement.

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