A Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY Helps Patients Who Have Damaged Their Teeth by Chewing Ice

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Dentist

Someone who enjoys chewing ice risks chipping or cracking a tooth. In addition, a craving for ice can signal an underlying health problem. The most common health condition with this symptom is anemia. A Dentist in Oyster Bay NY is ready to check the tooth that was harmed due to biting down on this hard substance and can provide treatment if necessary. The tooth may need a crown unless the damage is very minor.

About Anemia

When someone has anemia, the person has an abnormally low level of red blood cells. Often, anemia is the result of insufficient vitamin B12 or iron intake or absorption. The condition tends to cause fatigue, occasional dizziness, and numerous other symptoms. The person still may never suspect anything is wrong with his or her health and write the symptoms off to stress.

Anemia and ice Chewing

Scientists still haven’t figured out why anemia can compel people to chomp on ice. The prevailing theory is that this blood disorder causes a low level of inflammation in the mouth. This is mainly connected with iron-deficiency anemia. However, that doesn’t explain why people get such enjoyment from chewing ice instead of simply drinking ice water or sucking on ice chips.

Microscopic Cracks

Chewing ice also can cause microscopic cracks in teeth that gradually heal, but indulging in this habit frequently can prevent the healing process. Some of the teeth may become too sensitive to manage eating very cold or hot substances without a significant amount of pain. A Dentist in Oyster Bay NY who is examining a patient’s mouth because of damage from chewing ice will likely encourage that person to also seek help from a medical doctor for a possible underlying disorder.

Concluding Thoughts

Some patients will find they have no health disorders that are related to this activity. It’s just a bad habit, but one that should be stopped. Chewing on anything that’s very hard can chip or crack teeth, which then must be attended to at a clinic such as Locust Valley Dental Group. Someone who needs help may click here for details about this particular organization.

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