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by | Dec 1, 2016 | Dentist

Dental implants allow smiles to be completed so individuals can feel confident in their appearance and have normal function. Tooth loss can occur because of injuries, decay, and infection. When individuals lose some of their teeth, there can be many complications, including jaw pain and uneven wear and tear on certain teeth in the mouth. Those who want a permanent replacement for their missing teeth can ask their dentist about Dental Implants Syracuse NY.

Before a patient can be approved as a good candidate for dental implants, they must see the dentist. The dentist will need to carefully check the oral cavity to ensure there are no health issues that would prevent proper placement of the implants. The dentist will take X-rays and check the level of bone in the socket to make sure there is ample growth. The dentist can place bone grafts in the socket if there is not enough bone.

The process of replacing a tooth with a dental implant involves the placement of the titanium base. This base is implanted into the jawbone, through the tooth socket. It must be embedded into the bone, so the bone cells will begin to grow around the base and make it strong. The bone integration process typically takes up to six months, depending on a person’s health and their age.

On top of the base lies an abutment which attaches the base to the prosthetic tooth crown. It is imperative the three pieces are able to be properly attached together, so they will be able to work as a single unit. Once joined, this implant works just as a natural tooth would so individuals can chew normally and eat a variety of foods. Once the implant has bonded with bone, it will last a lifetime.

Individuals who are interested in Dental Implants Syracuse NY are urged to schedule a consultation appointment. If you would like further information on dental implants, Visit Online. Elite Dental & Denture PC will examine your mouth to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Dental implants can allow a person to have the complete smile they have always wanted.

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