Does Teeth Whitening Do More Harm than Good?

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Dentist

Pearly white teeth are a confidence booster more so than straight teeth. Because of it, many will try teeth whitening at Chesterfield techniques from oral care products and natural DIY solutions. Both succeed at whitening teeth but fail in oral health. Recent research mentions the risk for white teeth outweighs the benefits. Is sacrificing oral health worth a whiter smile?

Teeth Whitening Strip Products

Teeth whitening strips make teeth whiter than toothpaste in exchange for a weaker tooth defense. Hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient in whitening strips, whitens teeth by bleaching it. In turn, hydrogen peroxide erodes enamel and dentin. Tooth enamel is the outer tooth, dentin is under the enamel, and sensitive nerves and connective tissue make up the interior below dentin. During the bleaching process, hydrogen peroxide pierces outer enamel and eats away at dentin. This exposes the sensitive nerves and connective tissue, which increases after each use. The whitening ingredient jeopardizes collagen inside dentin, too. For teeth whitening in Chesterfield, your dentist can inform you whether the damage from teeth whitening products is reversible.

Homemade Whitening Solutions

As far as DIY whitening solutions, the result is no better. DIY solutions with baking soda, peroxide, or vinegar as an ingredient is harmful to teeth because of possible harshness and abrasiveness to teeth. Additionally, the chemical reaction of mixing two or more products is a factor. Coconut oil and charcoal are not ADA-approved whitening solutions, so the risk intensifies should you proceed. Traditional fruits and vegetables clean teeth but fail at whitening.

The unfortunate reality is natural looking teeth aren’t white through and through. The high demand for white teeth is why white strips are a billion-dollar business. Avoid damaging yourself with white strips by visiting a dentist for teeth whitening in Chesterfield. They care about oral health underneath the surface as much as white teeth on the outside.

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