FAQs About How To Sell A Dental Practice In Arizona

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Dentist

In Arizona, dental professionals have a multitude of options when it comes to selling their practices, and they can avoid common mistakes that could lead to unwanted delays. Professionals that want to retire could acquire extraordinary benefits by hiring a broker. A broker can provide answers to frequently asked questions about how to sell a dental practice in Arizona.

Why Should Dental Professionals Utilize the Services of Broker?

A broker provides benefits including the opportunity to negotiate with potential buyers and acquire a better selling price. They also have access to better marketing opportunities that can expose the property to a larger market of potential buyers, and this can help the owner sell their practice faster. The broker manages all aspects of the sale including the sales contract and scheduling the closing.

What Factors are Managed Through the Sales Contract?

The sales contract provides a commitment to buy the property, and it identifies the commission the broker receives for selling the property. The terms of the sales contract determine which party pays the closing costs, and the contract identifies any contingencies associated with the sale of the property. These contingencies may relate to the completion of the sale of the buyer’s current property.

Who Decides What is Included in These Sales?

Typically, this is a decision made by the dental professional who is selling the dental practice. However, if they still owe an outstanding balance to a lender, the lender may make this determination. Any fixtures or items that were identified in the original purchase are often included when there is an outstanding balance. However, the dental professional determines if the new owner acquires their roster of patients, as retiring dentists often provide this roster to the new owner.

In Arizona, dental professionals sell their practices when they decide to relocate or if it is time for retirement. These transactions require a careful eye for details and an advanced understanding of local real estate laws, and a broker can provide these details effectively. Dental professionals who are ready to sell a dental practice in Arizona can contact website and schedule an appointment.

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