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Find Out Important Info About Dental Fillings In Midwest City, OK

As people age, so do their teeth, which can be affected as the years pass by their diets and stress. Grinding of teeth is a major concern in many people’s lives, especially those who have stressful jobs or family lives. Many patients in the Midwest City area experience grinding, which can chip away at the enamel of teeth. Another major concern for teeth is the sugary items in their diets. The more sugar consumed by a person, the more stress their enamel will go through. Coffee, tea, soda, and other dark liquid drinks can stain teeth over time and break down enamel in the process. When enamel starts to break down and weaken, cavities can form, which can be painful at times.

When cavities form in a patients teeth, dentists will typically use Dental Fillings in Midwest City OK to treat them. A dental filling can be made of various types of materials, but are most often a metal compound or porcelain filling that can be molded and placed in the tooth for the filling. In some cases, a dental polymer can be used to match the tooth’s coloring if the cavity is in a front tooth. Regardless of the material, the process of treatment for dental fillings is the same. A dentist will x-ray the affected tooth first and assess the damage it has suffered. If the tooth can be saved and has a small area of enamel damage, a filling may be used to restore it. In some cases, a cavity can damage a tooth too much and require more severe treatment to restore.

When a tooth is too damaged for Dental Fillings in Midwest City OK to restore it, the tooth will be shaped for a crown to be placed on it. Crowns are usually made of either metal or porcelain¬†and can be secured to the tooth using dental cement. Crowns can restore a tooth’s biting or chewing capability but, over time, the tooth under the crown can still break down if not taken care of properly at home. This can lead to nerve infections, which will require a root canal to be performed. When this happens, the tooth may require extraction and replacement with an implant. Visit the website of a reputable dental practice to learn more about better dental care.

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