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How To Find a Reputable Dentist In Chesterfield

From the first baby teeth emerging to wisdom teeth and even implants – our teeth, and their overall health, are vitally important. Finding a dental practice that can provide care in emergencies, restoration, and preventative services, is key to enjoying great oral health for a lifetime.

For a great dentist in Chesterfield Mo, consider our practice. Jonathan W. Silva, DDS, is passionate about keeping up-to-date on new techniques, equipment and products to keep you smiling. Come in for routine cleanings, x-rays and whitening. If your children play sports, a custom-made mouth piece can protect their teeth (and all of the work that has already gone into those teeth!). Cosmetic dentistry can take your smile to new levels.

If you have teeth that are discolored, cracked or gaped, veneers may be a fantastic option for you. Thin sheets of porcelain are custom-matched and shaped to your tooth. They are adhered permanently. Veneers can even out teeth, cover discoloration and stains, and make your smile several shades brighter.

Our dentist in Chesterfield MO, can also fix missing teeth using implants. A titanium screw is surgically placed into the jawbone. An abutment is affixed to the screw. An artificial tooth is then attached. Implants can last up to 30 years. They look and perform like a real tooth. Best of all, you do not have to take them out to clean them.

At our practice, Dr. Silva can even suggest aligners to straighten your teeth. Aligners are clear, easy to wear, and easy to remove when you brush and floss. They work as effectively as traditional braces for straightening teeth, but are much easier to use.

Allow our team of professionals at Chesterfield Family Dentistry: Jonathan W. Silva DDS, to help with all of your oral health needs. Contact us for an appointment.

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