Getting TMJ Treatment in Weymouth MA: Learn the Signs and Problems First

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Dentist

TMJ is a common issue among adults. According to the NSF (National Sleep Foundation), almost 10% of American adults grind their teeth or suffer from TMJ during sleep. Problems are prevalent among children as well; roughly one-third of parents surveyed said that their children grind their teeth. It is important to see a dentist with for TMJ treatment, and to recognize the signs of the condition.

Tooth Grinding

Even though a patient may grind their teeth regularly, they may not realize they are doing so. A person suffering from TMJ is typically unaware. Stress, anxiety or an oral health issue may cause TMJ and teeth grinding. In rare cases, a patient may grind his or her teeth during waking hours.

Problems Associated With TMJ

TMJ is another name for the temperomandibular joint. This joint opens and closes the mouth when chewing and speaking. When a patient has TMJ, they will have pain when pressure is placed on the joint, along with a greater risk of other dental issues. TMJ can negatively affect the range of motion in the mouth, meaning that a patient may not be able to easily open and close the jaw.

Eat Softer Foods

When a person is diagnosed with TMJ, they should try eating softer foods to minimize the level of pain in the jaw. An over the counter pain medication may be used to decrease inflammation and diminish pain. It is also important for a patient to seek TMJ Treatment in Weymouth MA as soon as possible.

Mouth Guards

Many dentists recommend mouth guards for those suffering from TMJ or teeth grinding. Even though these can be bought over the counter, the patient should seek an opinion from a dentist before buying one. A dental professional may be able to recommend a more effective treatment.

TMJ is a painful condition to have, but the patient does not have to suffer through it alone. Life can be much easier once a proper diagnosis is received and the patient can use different methods to treat pain. Talk to a local dentist about various options for TMJ Treatment in Weymouth MA.

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