Here Are a Few Frequently Asked Questions About Getting New Dentures

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Dentist

Dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace missing teeth and improve the appearance of patients. People lose teeth due to injuries, gum disease, or tooth decay. Besides restoring your smile, dental dentures improve your dental health. Most patients who visit their dentist for dentures aim at speaking and eating better than before. Since getting dentures is a significant decision, patients ought to be well-informed. As such, these common questions about dentures will help you to understand an array of issues concerning this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

How Long Will It Take to Get Used to Wearing Dentures?

Most patients are often concerned with how fast they will adapt to dentures. While each person has a slightly different experience, you may feel bulky or awkward during the first few weeks after getting your new dentures. However, you will ultimately get accustomed to them. You need to practice inserting and removing the dentures. Importantly, make sure you adhere to the instructions given to you by your dentist.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures last for five to eight years. However, they do get worn out over time. Therefore, your dentist may have to remake or partially reconstruct them. Additionally, dentists often have to transform dentures as the patient ages because the size of their mouth changes.

Will It Be Challenging to Eat With Dentures?

Replacing missing teeth with dentures should make eating easier than before. However, start by consuming soft foods after the treatment. Also, make sure that you balance the pressure in your mouth by chewing on both sides.

How Do I Take Care of Dentures?

For starters, you cannot whiten dentures. Therefore, you must practice proper oral hygiene. Additionally, make sure you visit the dentist for check-ups after getting dentures. You should also be gentle when brushing the dentures.

Talk to your dentist if you feel like dentures are the right option for you. A West Loop dentist in the Chicago area can fit you for dentures and get you feeling better about your smile. If you’d like to meet with a West Loop dentist in Chicago, contact the Pure Dental Spa team.

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