How a Dental Clinic in Southington CT Can Help Patients Conquer Periodontal Disease

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Dental

Showing off a beautiful smile has become a status symbol in the United States. A few decades ago most people didn’t think twice about some chipped teeth or excess gum tissue whereas now these abnormalities stand out like a sore thumb. Anyone looking to improve their smile or receive treatment for a dental ailment can rely on the services of the most thorough Robert F. Treado, DMD has to offer. Not only can this team improve the health of damaged teeth, they also create lustrous smiles regardless of tooth condition.

Don’t Let Gum Disease Fester

Periodontal disease is directly related to the health of the gums. If damaged gum tissue is not treated promptly, the tissue can recede and expose unprotected areas of the teeth. To help patients combat this problem, dental facilities like Robert F. Treado, DMD Periodontics have treatment options for all degrees of recession. The staff will first test the depth of the gum pockets to determine the extent of the infection. A thorough cleaning is then required to help eliminate excess bacteria and collected debris. At this point, topical antibiotics are inserted into the pockets and the patient is prescribed oral antibiotics to rid the gums of the infection. As things heal, the dental staff will monitor progress in case additional treatment is required.

Continuing Treatment is Important

After successfully beating a gum infection, some patients find that they need additional help to restore their smile. Since a receding gum line can lead to serious problems, services like gum grafting or bone regeneration surgery may be necessary. Understanding the significance of these procedures can help patients realize why they shouldn’t ignore the condition of their gums, even after the infection is gone. To ensure that patients don’t wind up with further complications, many dentists request that patients Browse the website of their clinic to learn about the benefits of such treatments and get insight into what will occur during the procedure.

Increase Implant Success Rate

The aftermath of gum disease may leave some individuals in need of implants, but with the limited bone to accomplish this. The Dental Clinic in Southington CT at a Robert F. Treado, DMD can perform a procedure to increase bone volume called sinus lift surgery. Although this service may seem quite invasive, it has proven to be one of the best ways to improve the success of the jaw bone accepting a dental implant.

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