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How Dental Services Give You Much-Needed Relief in Chicago, IL

Pain and discomfort are common symptoms of a toothache in Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL. However, you can visit a dentist to find the underlying reason for the onset of tooth-related pain. The problem could be tooth damage, exposed nerves, and infections for many patients. Continue reading to learn more about what to do when experiencing a toothache.

Tooth Damage

Chips, breaks, or cavities are tooth-related damage that causes a toothache in Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL. A dentist performs reparative services to correct tooth damage. Chips and breaks are managed with dental bonding and reconstruction. For cavities, dentists remove the decay and use fillings to restore the tooth.

An Exposed Nerve

An exposed nerve in your tooth causes a throbbing pain, and the discomfort won’t subside until you see a dentist. A dentist uses many methods to correct nerve exposure, including gum grafts, desensitizing agents, bonding, or fillings for affected teeth. A root canal is a treatment where the dentist removes the tooth nerve and pulp to alleviate pain.

Tooth Infections

Infected teeth generate pain and discomfort, and the dentist provides antibiotics to manage the infection. If it is a wisdom tooth, more extraordinary measures are needed to prevent the infection from getting into the bloodstream. If you have an infected wisdom tooth, you must visit a dentist to treat the infection before it affects your mouth, face, or neck.

Dental problems lead to pain and discomfort, and a quick visit with a dentist helps you find out what is wrong. For example, damaged teeth, exposed nerves, and infections or impaction cause severe pain and require fast dental services. Contact Northalsted Dental Spa to get a dental examination or visit today for more information.

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