Innovative Dental Implant Procedure in Wichita KS

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Dentists & Clinics

Traditional implant procedures are time consuming and can be painful. The base of the implant has to be placed into the jawbone, which requires cutting into gums. That surgery has to heal completely before the process continues. Antibiotics are often prescribed to prevent infection. Once healed, the top part of the implant can then be attached. The procedure means a few appointments, time off from work, and recovery time before the crown, bridge, or dentures can be placed in the mouth.

An innovative Dental Implant Procedure in Wichita KS can be used to solve the problem of ill-fitting dentures. Mini implants can be placed in the jawbone in one visit with no cutting of gums and no stitches required. The procedure takes approximately one hour and no long-term healing is necessary. Currently mini implants are only used to stabilize dentures. The implant securely attaches to the base of the dentures to allow people to eat more comfortably and speak more clearly. Denture wearers are more confident without worrying about dentures slipping or coming loose.

Mini implants are affordable and require very little maintenance for dentures. It is less expensive than having dentures re-fitted or replaced due to gum loss that occurs over time. Money is saved well into the future because there is no longer the need for any type of adhesives to keep dentures in place. This procedure is still new so not many dentists offer it in their offices. The procedure is more likely to be offered by dentists with state-of-the-art equipment and technology at their disposal. Those interested can check out this site for more details on the procedure and to set up a consultation appointment.

In addition to this Dental Implant Procedure in Wichita KS, other cosmetic dentistry procedures are available. Metal braces, clear braces, porcelain or composite crowns, traditional implants, and veneers are offered to patients. Comprehensive family and general dentistry services are also available. New patients can go online to download needed forms prior to that first appointment. That will allow patients to fill out forms at home and bring them in completed to save time. Regular patients can schedule appointments online to save time as well.

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