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Get Beautiful, Healthy Teeth Using a Superior Dentist in Long Island

For many folks, the main reason to visit the dentist is to keep that wonderful smile looking great. This may be simple, cosmetic procedures such as whitening or more complex processes like the application of a veneer or bonding and shaping damaged or uneven teeth. However, the most important reason to seek out a dentist in Long Island is cavities (caries). A cavity starts as a small speck that may not even be visible to the naked eye. In fact, most caries are found in x-rays where they tend to stand out better.

If a problem has been found, then the dentist and patient will need to decide the best course of treatment. The most common solution is drilling or filing away any decay before selecting a method of protecting the remaining shell. This may involve a simple filling, as long as the initial cavity was small, or a combination of a filling and crown in cases where the damage was extreme. The latter is useful when a Dentist in Long Island needs to perform a root canal because this process leaves very little remaining tooth material except the shell. This allows the dentist to cover the damaged tooth with a porcelain crown.

There are times when certain dentist tend to get carried away with repairs. Granted, the purpose of dental visits are to fix any damaged areas and make the teeth look presentable, but it isn’t always the best option to salvage every damaged tooth. Alternatives such as implants, bridges and dentures are an excellent substitute for unhealthy teeth. One reason for this is that damaged teeth can lead to infections and the degradation of any surrounding teeth. Addressing the problem quickly will reduce the amount of damage that occurs.

One reason that dental problems get worse is that some people fear the dentist, their office or the tools they use. This causes them to miss appointments or find other reasons to avoid important dental work. An aversion to the dentist may be handled with simple distractions such as music or videos. However, most people require something extra. Mild cases usually need just the local anesthetic and nitrous-oxide while extreme issues may require the use of a narcotic.

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