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Learning How to Care for Dentures in Elizabeth NJ

Beginning to wear Dentures in Elizabeth NJ can seem like a mix of relief and concern. Some patients have had several teeth extracted and still feel ongoing discomfort from their remaining teeth. Once all those teeth are removed, they no longer experience pain. Yet the initial experience with dentures requires some time to stop feeling their presence in the mouth. People may need to adjust the way they chew and eat. They might have to cut fresh corn from the cob instead of chomping the kernels, for example. It’s also essential to keep dentures clean, and they can’t simply be brushed while in the mouth as normal teeth and implants are.

After this learning curve has successfully been passed, people begin to really appreciate their Dentures in Elizabeth NJ. They no longer deal with pain and bad breath from diseased teeth and gums. They don’t have to shy away from crunching on pretzels and other hard foods that used to cause discomfort. Once someone is accustomed to dentures, it’s crucial to continue caring for them properly and not get lazy. Caring for the gums also continues to be essential. This mainly involves gently wiping the gums with a damp, soft cloth or a brush every day to clear away tiny food particles.

Dentures, as provided by a clinic such as ChildSmilesFamilySmiles, should be brushed at least once a day. After removing the artificial teeth, they can be brushed with a soft-bristled device. Regular toothpaste is unsuitable for dentures. Commercial products are available that can be used instead. Some individuals prefer to simply use a mild detergent, such as dish soap. Hot water and bleach should not be used.

Dentures need to stay moist. When removed from the mouth for any length of time, they should be kept in a proper soaking solution. They never should be taken out and just left sitting on a countertop or shelf. Drying out can cause them to shrink a little, and even that small change in structure will compromise their fit on the gums. Click here to learn more about one particular dental practice that provides dentures for patients who need them.

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