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Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ Information

An oral surgeon is someone who performs surgeries on the patient’s mouth. They specialize an additional four years after dental school to become experts in this area. Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ perform several types of procedures and work in dental offices and hospitals.

An Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ operates on the teeth and jaws. They spend the typical four years in dental school and go on to complete four more years in a residency program. During this time, the surgeon will learn how to perform surgeries specifically in the mouth. The oral surgeon can perform surgery on the tissues of the mouth, tissues of the face, mouth, and jaws. Oral surgeons perform surgeries either in the hospital or a dentist office. Oral surgeons who perform operations in the hospital will see more cases like accidents. These cases that they see often are a result of car accidents, work accidents or sports accidents. Oral surgeons who perform operations in the dentist office will see cases like wisdom teeth extractions, jaw surgery, dental implants, or cleft palate surgery.

One of the most common reasons for someone to visit an oral surgeon is to have a tooth extraction. Need for a tooth extraction is commonly caused by tooth impaction or tooth infection. Wisdom teeth are a type of tooth that is commonly impacted. This is a very routine surgery for an oral surgeon to perform. Single tooth extractions caused by impaction and infection are also very common. Jaw surgery is another common procedure for an oral surgeon to perform. Jaw surgery will need to be performed to correct broken jaws, severe misalignment of teeth, and when the bones in the face or mouth need to be repositioned. Another common procedure for the oral surgeon to do is to fix a cleft palate. A cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth or lip. Oral surgeons can perform a series of surgeries to close the lip or roof of the mouth.

Oral surgeons play a very important role in the field of dentistry. Their skills are used every day to remove teeth, correct jaw alignment and fix tissues surrounding the mouth and face. For an appointment or for more information about oral surgeons, contact Westfield Oral Surgery.

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