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Orthodontic Services You Can Trust

Many people in the United States need braces, and the cause of this often goes back to infancy and childhood. Giving babies and toddlers soft foods mean that their jaws do not get much exercise. Without enough exercise, jaws do not grow as much as they should. As the teeth come in, this often results in crowding, malocclusion or other problems with the eruption of teeth. The small jaw size becomes more evident when a child starts to get their permanent teeth around six to seven years of age.

When a child’s teeth grow in without enough space, crowding may result. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean. They also reduce the chewing capacity of the jaw. Crowding may cause problems with the temporomandibular joint, and kids may experience headaches. Malocclusion also causes bite and functional problems with the teeth and jaw. Teeth that are not in proper alignment are hard to clean, which could increase a child’s risk of tooth decay.

Our orthodontist in Elmhurst offers several options for correcting crowding and malocclusion. Children as young as seven may use a palate expander. This makes more room in the jaw for the permanent teeth. These devices may reduce problems such as crowding as a child gets more of their permanent teeth. We also offer braces to correct the alignment of the teeth. Teens with mild malocclusion may benefit from using our Invisalign system. These clear aligners are barely noticeable. Adults like the Invisalign system for its low visibility and its ease of use for correcting minor orthodontic issues with teeth.

When you or a member of your household are in need of an orthodontist in Elmhurst, contact us at Oakbrook Orthodontics. You may also visit us online to learn more about our services.

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