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Patients Need Dental Service in Colorado Springs CO When They Get Cavities

When cavities begin to occur, it is imperative individuals seek immediate treatment. The longer a person goes without treatment, the higher the risks. As one tooth becomes damaged by decay, the decay can begin to spread to other teeth. Seeking Dental Service in Colorado Springs CO helps individuals to overcome their cavities and avoid further damage.

What Are the Signs of Cavities?

While most people do not truly know they have a cavity until the pain begins, some other symptoms can start to occur. It is imperative individuals see their dentist on a regular basis so they can be sure their teeth are checked for any signs of cavities, well before they begin to cause outward signs. The following are some of the symptoms people will start to experience when they have a cavity.

* Dark or white spots on the teeth
* Pain and pressure when biting down or chewing
* Increased sensitivity
* Foul breath
* Gum inflammation
* Pain when eating sweets or with temperature changes

Should a person begin exhibiting any of the above signs, they need to immediately seek Dental Service in Colorado Springs CO. Waiting too long will only lead to continued damage of the tooth and could eventually cause the tooth to die, which would then require an extraction.

How Does the Dentist Help?

When a patient has a cavity, the dentist first examines the tooth and takes X-rays to determine how deep the cavity runs. Teeth that have cavities that run into the root will often need a root canal procedure so the tooth can be saved.

If the cavity is only in the crown portion of the tooth, the dentist will numb the tooth and remove the decayed areas. The tooth will then be filled with a unique filling material that seals the tooth and prevents nerve exposure which can cause pain.

Those who are suffering from a cavity need to call the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. Call them today so your appointment can be scheduled. They will help you to overcome your decay so your tooth can be adequately protected from further damage. They will help protect the health of your teeth. Like us on Facebook.

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