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What Is The Purpose Of A Tooth Crown?

A tooth crown often referred to as a cap, is a restoration that is made to fit over what is left of a natural tooth. Once the crown has been placed, it mimics the shape and strength of the tooth in its original form. Crowns in Mount Pleasant are an ideal solution to repair teeth that have been weakened by serious decay, broken or have been subjected to a root canal procedure. A typical dental crown encases the visible portion of the tooth.

What materials are used in the making of a crown?

There are a number of different materials in use and more are being introduced as new technology is developed. The most popular materials that are currently being used to make crowns include:

* Porcelain: Porcelain is used for two different approaches. Porcelain bonded to a base metal is used extensively, another approach is a crown made completely from porcelain. Full porcelain crowns lack the strength of porcelain over precious metal but as they have a more natural appearance they are favored for the front teeth.

* Ceramic: Ceramic crowns are relatively new, they are equal in strength to a bonded crown and they have the attractive appearance of porcelain. As ceramic crowns in Mount Prospect are strong, they can be used on any tooth.

* Gold alloy: This material is very strong and has been in use the longest. This material is ideal for teeth that are subjected to a lot of pressure such as back molars.

Post crowns:

There are cases when a tooth has been subjected to a root canal that the there is very little tooth left above the gum line. In a case like this, the dentist will drill into the root canal and cement a stainless steel or titanium rod. The crown is designed to fit over the metal insert.

As long as you look after your teeth well, get regular checkups, brush and floss daily, your crown should last for many years without giving any trouble.

If you have broken a tooth or had a root canal your dentist may suggest a dental crown. James Kakos DDS prepares and fits crowns in Mount Prospect, you are invited to make an early appointment or visit for more details.

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