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Questions and Answers About The Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry In Murfreesboro, TN

Parents often wonder when they should begin taking their young children to the dentist for checkups. Many individuals are often surprised to hear that first visit should occur when the child is one year old. Read the questions and answers below to learn the benefits of Pediatric Dentistry in Murfreesboro TN for young children.

What are the reasons parents should schedule a dental visit for children who are only one year old?

Most children who are one year old only have a few teeth, and many parents question the need for a dentist at such an early age. A pediatric dentist can learn many things by examining the teeth of a child who is this young. Even though children will have their baby teeth for several years before the permanent teeth erupt, it’s still essential to look at the teeth to prevent future problems.

A pediatric dentist can tell if a child’s baby teeth are already beginning to decay. When parents give their baby a bottle at bedtime, the sugars in the liquid can cause early tooth decay in the baby teeth. Young children who frequently consume sweetened drinks from a lidded cup with a spout are also more susceptible to having cavities at a young age.

It’s also very important that parents become informed about the proper way to brush their children’s teeth. While at the dentist office, parents will also learn valuable information that pertains to a child’s oral health and how to help keep children’s teeth cavity-free.

Is it a good idea to schedule children’s dental appointments with a pediatric dentist?

It’s a very wise idea for parents to schedule appointments for their children with a dentist who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry in Murfreesboro TN. A children’s dentist goes through additional schooling to learn about specific dental problems that affect children. They are also taught how to effectively communicate with children of all ages so they aren’t afraid to visit the dentist.

To prepare for good oral health that lasts a lifetime, parents should begin scheduling routine dental visits for their children when they reach one year of age. Parents in Murfreesboro can schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist by contacting Ascent Dental. Like us on Facebook.

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