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Restore Your Reason to Smile

Regardless of age or gender, nearly everyone eventually has a need for a crown or bridge for various dental related reasons. If you are embarrassed to smile, or you automatically cover your mouth when speaking, there is a solution to restore the beauty of your smile. There are several reasons dental crowns and bridges in Lakeview may be necessary or even desired.

When a tooth requires a large filling or a root canal, the remaining shell structure is weakened and likely to get brittle. As no one wants to lose a tooth, certain precautions will ensure your tooth remains intact with a supportive structure. Using impressions, X-rays and other tools your dentist will assist in creating a crown closely resembles your original whole, healthy tooth. Matching your tooth color will offer a finished enameled surface that is indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

Moreover, the protective crown holds the remaining portions of your treated tooth together. Retaining every tooth possible is vital to your health. The prudent patient will not delay this essential procedure. Damaged teeth become brittle and prone to chipping or breaking off if they have no protection. Using crowns for cosmetic purposes such as stained or discolored teeth provides a valuable service essential for self-esteem.

In the event you have already lost one or more teeth, dental crowns and bridges in Lakeview may serve more than one purpose. To facilitate chewing your food, all of your tooth surfaces are necessary. When one or more surfaces are unavailable, you gradually avoid foods like fresh apples or carrots because you cannot chew them properly. Often a patient cannot recall eliminating fresh fruits and vegetables from their diet. Unable to access food essential to maintaining good health, patients who lose teeth suffer a faster decline in their health than others do who have all their chewing surfaces intact.

Dental bridges allow for restoring chewing surfaces needed to eat a healthy diet. However, they also restore unsightly gaps in your teeth that cause you to cover your mouth when talking or smiling. Furthermore, dental bridges help adjacent teeth to maintain their structure and strength.

Restore your smile, confidence, and health by calling the Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park. There is no reason to delay calling for help today.

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