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Should You Get Dental Implants? Here’s How to Know

For an adult, losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Whether the tooth is lost to physical trauma or to decay, the result is the same.

Lost teeth can cause a decline in self-confidence, as well as reduced ability to eat many foods and increased pain while attempting to do so. Over time, missing teeth can also cause surrounding teeth to shift to compensate for the loss, destroying a person’s smile.

Dental Implants – An Answer for Missing Teeth

There are many ways to address missing teeth in adults. One of the most popular modern methods of doing so is using dental implants. These are permanently implanted devices placed by a dental professional that both mimic the look of natural teeth and their function.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Other Methods?

Dental implants are permanent structures. Many other options for replacing damaged or missing adult teeth are semi-permanent or temporary and require replacing every few years.

Implants are also strong. They prevent users from having to spend time worrying about what they can eat or otherwise use their teeth for. With proper care, they can provide the same strength as natural teeth – or even more.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you are considering getting dental implants in Kansas City, you might be wondering how they work. While the procedure may sound unpleasant, it typically involves very little downtime for recovery and lasts for a very long time afterward.

First, a small metal piece that resembles a screw will be placed into the jawbone. There, it will heal and fuse with the bone around it. Once this healing is well underway, a strong, natural-looking false tooth will be screwed into place right down to the gumline. These procedures will typically both be done with either local or general anesthetic, depending on the preferences of your practitioner and your own needs as a patient.

Interested in learning more about how dental implants might work for you? Talk to KC Family Dental today to set up an appointment for consultation and get back the smile you remember!

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