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Signs a Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA

Most parents realize how important it is to seek an orthodontic evaluation for their children; however, they may not be aware of the signs that indicate immediate action and Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA is needed. The fact is, though, early evaluation is going to help catch issues that may be present, which is going to ensure the proper treatment is received. Some of the common signs that this type of treatment is needed can be found here.

The Child’s Mouth is Open Most Times

The tongue should be at the roof of the mouth for the jaws and the teeth to grow properly. When the lips are slightly apart when the mouth is at rest or if the mouth is open, the tongue isn’t going to rest on the roof, which can result in gummy smiles, flat cheeks, receding chins, narrow faces, and narrow jaws that don’t have the space needed for adult teeth to grow in.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth

If the teeth are crowded, it can cause them to appear uneven, twisted, or slanted. This may even result in the teeth looking like they are behind or in front of each other, or that they overlap. If this happens, it makes it difficult for a child to properly floss and brush, which can cause plaque and tartar build up. As time passes, this causes loss of bone around the teeth, bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Abnormal or Misaligned Jaw Growth

If there is a problem with a child’s jaw alignment, they may require Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA. If the jaw seems to be shifting or resulting in them biting their cheek or causing other problems with their bite, it’s a good idea to go to an orthodontist right away for evaluation, as the problem is going to continue to get worse.

If a parent suspects an issue with their child’s teeth, mouth, or bite, seeking treatment from an orthodontist is best. They can evaluate the situation and help ensure it is treated appropriately. More information about orthodontic treatment and when it is needed can be found by taking the time to Contact Mill Plain Dental Center.

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