Steps For Obtaining Dentures In Oyster Bay, NY

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Dentist

In New York, dental professionals provide long-lasting replacements for a complete loss of all teeth. The most economical choice that achieves the highest insurance coverage value is dentures. The following are steps followed by these professionals and labs to create Dentures in Oyster Bay NY.

Acquire the Initial Impression

An impression is acquired via dental stock trays. The dentist places the tray into the patient’s mouth, and the patient bites down to make the impression. Select trays are coated with wax.
The impression is used to create the first cast. The cast extends slightly forward beyond the natural gum lines. The last impression is acquired with the use of borders and a polyether in the tray. The impression is submitted to the lab to create the permanent cast of the gums. It creates a record for the wax base for the dentures.

Finalize the Record Base

The dentist places the record base in the patient’s mouth to confirm a proper fit. They contour the rims of the record base to achieve adequate support and outline the edges. This includes the incisal, occlusal vertical dimension, and occlusal plane. The dentist records the bite based on the vertical dimensions of the gums. They present options to the patient for the teeth installed into the dentures. They choose the color of the teeth and the style. The record base and trays are sent back to the lab for the creation of the first set of dentures.

Evaluate the Fit of the First Set of Dentures

The dentist places this set of dentures into the patient’s mouth. They evaluate the fit and review the mounting accuracy. Next, they assess the occlusal vertical dimension. Finally, they review the aesthetics of the dentures and review how well they function when the patient speaks.

Create the Final Set of Dentures

The lab remounts the prosthesis. They complete the fabrication based on the dentist’s assessments. They complete the installation of the teeth and polish the surface. Once completed, the dentist fits the patient for the dentures and provides the finished product.

In New York, dental professionals offer conventional choices for a total replacement of teeth. These choices include dental prostheses created from an impression of the patient’s gums. Patients who want to acquire Dentures in Oyster Bay NY contact Locust Valley Dental Group or browse the website today.

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