The Benefits of Invisalign in Annapolis

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Dentist

Many teenagers and adults share the desire to have straighter teeth, but are hesitant to consider braces. For those who are looking for a more discreet means of obtaining a more beautiful smile, Invisalign in Annapolis is becoming an increasingly popular choice. With this recently developed orthodontic treatment there’s no need to worry about braces negatively impacting appearance. Invisalign is a much more subtle way to attain straight teeth and a dazzling smile.

In comparison to braces Invisalign offers less risk to oral health. The aligners can be removed easily to brush and floss, so there is no possibility of food getting stuck in them and causing decay, and prevents the discoloration that is an all too frequent side effect of traditional orthodontic treatment. The aligners themselves can be easily cleaned as well; just brush them, rinse them, and put them back in. This easy removal also precludes the dietary restrictions that must be followed with conventional braces. The aligners can be removed at meals, just be sure to perform a thorough cleaning prior to putting them back in.

The Invisalign system works effectively as long as it is worn for at least 22 hours each day. This means that it can be removed for photographs or a sports game requiring mouth guards as well as during meals. Many patients find that this flexibility allows them to make less lifestyle changes than conventional braces over the course of their treatment.

These convenient features have won over many patients, but the biggest benefit of using Invisalign in Annapolis is the impact that it will have in the long term on patient’s health and confidence. A beautiful, straight smile doesn’t just make Invisalign patients more inclined to show it off. It also fixes crowding and misalignment issues that can lead to health problems such as jaw pains, tooth grinding that can lead to long term damage, headaches, and gum disease. Teeth that are aligned correctly are also easier to clean, making maintaining better dental hygiene that much easier.

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