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The Process of Straightening Teeth with Invisalign in Annapolis

Invisible braces are the latest trend in orthodontics. Instead of wearing metal brackets, patients of all ages are able to straighten their teeth with clear plastic trays. Invisalign is the leading brand. The process of getting straighter teeth with Invisalign in Annapolis is very straightforward.

Initial Appointment

During a patient’s initial appointment to begin their treatment with Invisalign in Annapolis, the dentist will take several molds of the patients teeth. These molds will serve as models for creating the correcting trays. Expect this appointment to last for at least an hour.

Making molds is completely pain-free; however, it can be a bit uncomfortable. The patient must remain still with their mouth open for several minutes while the molding material dries against their teeth. Feel free to listen to music or read a book to help pass the time.

Wearing the Trays

Each patient will have a set number of Invisalign trays, also known as aligners, to wear during the course of their treatment. Depending on the patient’s specific case, each tray should be worn for either one or two weeks. The dentist will write down the exact date to change each tray.

When a new tray is inserted, it will be quite snug. Some discomfort is often noted for the first 24-48 hours after putting in a new tray. This discomfort subsides once the teeth begin to shift. Trays are to be worn at least 22 hours a day, removing only when eating.

Get a Retainer

Once a patient finishes their last set of trays, the dentist will help them choose the right type of retainer to maintain their results. Some dentists recommend wearing a plastic retainer that is similar to Invisalign trays, while others prefer a permanent retainer.

If the patient chooses a plastic retainer, the dentist will once again need to take molds of the patient’s teeth. These molds are sent to a lab where the retainer is created. If the patient opts for a permanent retainer, it will be placed during this visit. A permanent retainer consists of a metal wire that is cemented to the back of the teeth.

Teens and adults who wish to straighten their teeth without metal brackets can now opt for the freedom of Invisalign treatment. Click Here to find out more about getting Invisalign from a local dental clinic.

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