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Things to Consider When Planning for Implant Oral Surgery in Summit NJ

During Oral Surgery in Summit NJ, the practitioner opens the gums over the jawbone and uses special drills to prepare the bone for receiving the implants. The anchoring of a dental implant, from the first cut to the suturing of the wound, rarely takes more than an hour. Depending on the indication, the physician can also use minimally invasive procedures that reduce the surgical effort.

Special 3-D guide templates, which are individually computer-aided, allow the greatest possible precision when placing the implant. Here are some other things to keep in mind before having Oral Surgery in Summit NJ.

No pain after tooth implantation

With thorough preparation, dental implants can usually be performed without complications. Pain after the procedure occurs only in rare cases. The greater the experience and operational skills of the Implantologist, the lower the risk of pain-related failure.

If a dental implant is heavily loaded in the healing phase, the success of the treatment becomes endangered. Therefore, provisional dentures are usually designed so that the dental implant can heal well during the healing stage. Only with a toothless lower jaw, and in a few exceptional cases, will dentists recommend a treatment that allows immediate loading?

Standard implantation

In the conventional method, the time between tooth removal and insertion of the implant is at least six weeks, but usually about three months. This method offers the advantage of implanting in an inflammation-free, healed bone. Also, the quality of the bone can then be finally assessed.

Also, the decision as to whether a bone restructuring is required. If it is, the dentist can decide when based on each patient’s needs. This minimizes the risk of inflammation and implant loss.

The attending physician also gets the opportunity to build up missing jaw substance. If more complex bone augmentation measures are required, it may be possible to expect nine to twelve months before implantation can take place.

Delayed immediate implantation

This option usually takes between two to six weeks between tooth removal and implantation. The soft tissue can heal, which allows the risk of infection to lessen. Also, the bone tissue cannot regress so far that the stable hold of the implant would be at risk. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery for more details.

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