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Things To Know About Dental X-Rays in Midwest City OK

Many people have misconceptions or do not have a full understanding of the use of Dental X-Rays in Midwest City OK. X-rays are a great way to perform a checkup on the health of the mouth. There are several types of dental x-ray procedures that are commonly used, including:

1. Bitewing X-rays are used for an initial examination. They are a good indicator of gum disease and whether or not any bone loss is present. The x-rays show full views of the upper and lower back teeth.

2. Periapical X-rays show a picture of the entire tooth, from the top to the bottom. These are used when there is a suspicion of an abscess, cyst, or an impacted tooth. These are problems that most frequently occur below the gum line or in the jaw.

3. Occlusal X-rays provide pictures of both the roof of the mouth and the floor of the mouth. These types of x-rays are suitable for viewing teeth that have not erupted through the gumline and can also find any evidence of a cleft palate.

4. Panoramic X-rays are the only Dental X-Rays in Midwest City OK that do not show cavities in teeth. They are actually used to look for any bone abnormalities, fractures, or oral infections.

5. Digital x-rays can take a wide spectrum of views of the mouth and can be turned into different viewpoints on a computer screen. They are instant and do not need any sort of film development before they can be viewed.

Dental x-rays do utilize low-level radiation to create the images. This worries some people needlessly. Dental x-rays are perfectly safe to use and pose no risk of any ill effects when used as directed. An experienced and friendly dentist such as Sunnylane Family Dentistry Midwest City OK can certainly answer any questions that the patient may have concerning x-rays and put the patient’s mind at ease. X-rays are the best tool available today to detect any problems that may have occurred, are occurring, or are on the verge of occurring. Just remember that, when it comes to good dental health, timely detection is the best defense.

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