Tooth Injuries Need Emergency Dentistry in Calgary

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Dentist

Tooth injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a tooth is injured because it has become weakened due to decay. When a tooth is injured, a person sometimes needs to seek immediate emergency dentistry in Ocala. Immediate dental care can stop the progression of damage and relieve the pain. Waiting to seek dental treatment can sometimes cause a person to end up losing their tooth. With this information, individuals will know what to expect when they see the dentist for a tooth injury.

With Emergency Dentistry Cooper City, individuals can overcome the pain. When a person first sees the dentist for their tooth injury, the dentist will need to examine the tooth. An examination can reveal the outward damage, but the dentist will need to take X-rays to determine if any major internal damage has occurred. The dentist also needs to view the X-ray films to see if the damage has run into the root of the tooth. Damaged roots lead to tooth necrosis because they cannot be repaired.

When a tooth becomes cracked, the dentist will repair it as they do a decayed tooth. The tooth crack will simply be filled in with a filling material that is then cured with a light, so it instantly hardens. This makes the tooth stronger and prevents the exposure of the nerve.

Broken teeth can sometimes be repaired, depending on the degree of the break. When teeth are broken, the dentist first smooths any rough edges and then attempts to fill the tooth. Broken pieces cannot be reattached, so a dentist will often decide to cover the tooth in a dental crown so it is shielded from further damage.

It is imperative a person sees their dentist as soon as possible after a tooth injury occurs. Tooth injuries can leave behind severe pain because of nerve exposure. If a tooth is not repaired right away, infections can occur.

If you are dealing with a serious tooth injury, you need emergency dental services. Contact Exceptional Dentistry so you can see the dentist and have your tooth properly repaired. They offer emergency dental services for patients who need immediate care.

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