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Use Cosmetic Dentistry in Kalamazoo, MI to Enhance Your Smile

One of the great ways today to enhance the looks of your teeth is with dental veneers. These porcelain overlays are ideal for anyone whose teeth are less than perfect. The thin shells, which are affixed to the front of natural teeth, automatically transform a person’s smile. Plus, the material closely resembles natural enamel. Therefore, you can have a natural-looking and beautiful smile almost instantly.

A Popular Restoration Choice

So, if you consult with a specialist in cosmetic dentistry in Kalamazoo, MI, ask about porcelain veneers. Dentists use the restorations to correct chips and discolorations, and even sometimes use them for orthodontic adjustments. Because the veneers are lifelike in appearance, they are a popular restoration choice.

A Hollywood Trademark

Although veneers have been used in cosmetic dentistry during the last few decades, they actually originated about a century ago, or during the early days of film. In fact, during the late 1920s, a Hollywood dentist named Dr. Charles Pincus made the artificial overlays to improve the smiles of actors and actresses on the silver screen. The teeth became a trademark of beauty in Hollywood.

How the Process Evolved through the Years

During that time, however, cosmetic dentistry had not advanced to the point where the veneers could be permanently attached. It was not until the 1960s then that another dentist, Dr. Michael Buonocore, discovered a process to permanently affix the veneers.

So, if you wish you could have a whiter, brighter, or straighter smile, that goal is well within your reach. Dentists like Company Name are well-experienced in affixing porcelain veneers to teeth. You can seek advice for a number of other cosmetic restorations as well, including crowns or bonding. Take time to review your choices by making an appointment online or by phone. If you want to improve your smile and do so automatically, adding veneers may be just the right choice for you.

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