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How Lasers Can Benefit Your Periodontal Treatment In Adelaide

While the traditional methods of scaling and root planing are still prevalent in periodontal treatment in Adelaide, there is another option. Lasers can use their energy to remove bacteria inside the infected tissue. It can also reach places that are hard for traditional tools. In most cases, a topical anaesthetic is needed. However, lasers aren’t used as a periodontal treatment by themselves. They are used in conjunction with root planing and scaling, in Adelaide and around the country.

Less Pain

The primary benefit of lasers is that you’ll experience less pain during and after the procedure. This also means that the specialist will use less anaesthetic. It isn’t as invasive as other options alone, which means less discomfort, and a topical/local anaesthetic can be used rather than more sedative options.


Lasers are designed to be sterile, which means they will not infect the site as they work. The wound will be sterile when the procedure is complete, which reduces your risk of infection.


With any periodontal treatment option in Adelaide, mild bleeding is going to occur. However, when lasers are used along with the planing or scaling, the wounds are cauterised by the laser, meaning less bleeding during and after treatments. Lasers can work well for people who must take blood-thinning medications or take any drugs that can prevent normal blood clotting.


Because the laser technology is less invasive, you may find that your gums and mouth are less swollen afterward. Likewise, healing and recovery time is shortened, as well. If you have a low tolerance for pain or swell easily, lasers could be beneficial to you.

Minimal Pain

Because there is less swelling and bleeding, you can leave the office with less pain and discomfort. Strong prescriptions aren’t needed to control the pain, either. In most cases, you can use OTC pain relievers.

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