What An Orthodontist In Lombard Is And What They Do

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Dental

Most people had heard of orthodontics because they had braces when they were little or needed them but couldn’t afford them. Some people aren’t sure what an orthodontist in Lombard does or why they’re important. In some cases, they may put off treatment for themselves or their kids because they don’t have enough information or research.

What Are They?

An orthodontist in Lombard is a dentist who specializes in the straightening of the teeth. They can also help correct your jaw alignment, as well as help move the teeth so that they are in proper alignment and your bite is corrected.

When the teeth and jaws are aligned and straight, you will notice a nicer smile. However, the cosmetic benefits aren’t the only factor to consider. In most cases, crooked teeth may sink deep into the gum line, which could lead to gum disease. Overcrowded teeth (those that overlap each other) can be harder to clean, which means they could decay faster. Your dentist may recommend that you see a specialist or may have the skills and tools to do the work themselves.

What They Do

You may not know it, but many contributing factors could cause your teeth or those of your child to become crooked. Tooth decay and losing baby teeth too quickly are just two of the causes. Others can include thumb sucking and accidents, as well as the family genes.

In most cases, orthodontists start by giving you a checkup and getting x-rays to help them determine what’s going on. They will talk to you and your child about the situation and recommend treatments that can help.

An orthodontist in Lombard can help straighten your teeth, fix jaw problems, and much more. Visit Oakbrook Orthodontics today for more information.

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