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What You Need to Know About Root Canals in Alexandria VA

Even though teeth are hard on the outside, on the inside they contain soft tissue. This tissue is called the pulp. It is possible for the pulp to get inflamed for various reasons or even to become infected. Root Canals in Alexandria VA are how problems with the pulp are treated. A root canal will prevent the trouble from worsening, so that the tooth can be saved.

How Does It Work?

Since problems with the pulp of a tooth can be brought about by a wide variety of causes, a dentist will first figure out what led to the trouble. Addressing that underlying problem may be a necessary part of treatment. A cracked tooth, for example, can lead to an issue in the pulp. In many cases, however, simply doing a root canal will clear up the problem.

When the root canal is performed, the pulp will be cleaned out to get rid of infection or inflammation. Once the inside of the tooth has been prepared, it can be filled. A seal will be applied, along with a filling or a crown. Then the tooth should be healthy and have full function once more. The mouth issues that lead to root canals are often painful, so patients will be relieved when the pain is gone.

Preventing Problems

If a root canal is not performed, a number of complications can be brought about. Ultimately, the tooth could even be lost. Since people do not like how it looks to have missing teeth, getting a root canal should not be avoided. It may be the best way to make sure that a smile continues to look great.

Protecting teeth with a root canal also provides many health benefits that should be considered. It is easier to chew food when all of a person’s teeth are healthy and intact. If a tooth is lost, the teeth around it may come under strain that could lead to problems. After a root canal, people can continue to eat all of the foods that they like.

As a vital part of current dental technology, Root Canals in Alexandria VA give teeth long term protection. They will help to guard the mouth and allow it to stay healthy. Click here to look at more info about root canals.

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