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5 Signs You May Need to See an Orthodontist

Most people see an orthodontist because they want to improve their smile. But there are other reasons you might need to see an orthodontist in West Loop, Chicago. Here are five signs that you may need to see an Orthodontist:

You Have Difficulty Chewing or Biting Food

If you notice that you struggle to chew or bite your food, including feeling pain, it’s essential to make an appointment with an orthodontist. They will be able to determine if you need braces or other treatment.

You Have Crowded or Crooked Teeth

Sometimes teeth can become crooked or crowded due to genetics or injury. If this is the case, you may need braces or other orthodontic treatment to align your teeth properly.

You Have a Bad Bite

A bad bite can be caused by crowding, missing teeth, or an overbite. If you have a bad bite, it’s essential to see an orthodontist in West Loop, Chicago so they can determine the best course of treatment.

You Suffer from Jaw Pain

Many things can cause jaw pain, but if it’s due to dental issues, Orthodontic treatment can help. If you suffer from jaw pain, make sure to schedule an appointment with an Orthodontist.

You Want to Improve Your Smile

Of course, one of the most common reasons people see an Orthodontist is to improve their smile. If you’re not happy with your smile, Orthodontic treatment can help.

Suppose you’re experiencing any of these issues. In that case, it’s essential to see an orthodontist in West Loop, Chicago, who offers services such as braces, Invisalign, dental implants, root canals, dental crowns, gum disease solutions, and emergency dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, and tooth extractions services. West Loop Chicago. Consider scheduling a free consultation with DentArt Chicago Orthodontics to see how they can solve your dental problems.

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