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A New Smile Can Be Yours With Dental Implants in Glenpool

Smile transformations take place on a daily basis in dental offices across the country. As advances continue to be made in cosmetic dentistry, people are now able to receive the smiles they thought they could never have. One advancement has been used to help people who are missing some or all of their natural teeth. As a permanent tooth replacement option, Dental Implants in Glenpool are providing an alternative to full dentures and partials.

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are made to look and function like natural human teeth. These implants are comprised of two different parts that end up working as one solid unit once they are joined. The first part of the tooth is the metal root, known as an anchor. This screw-like anchor is placed down into the gums and into the bone.

The second part of the tooth is the tooth cap that is placed over the implant anchor. This part of the implant cannot be put in place until a special process takes place in the body. Bonding will eventually take place between the jawbone and the anchor. This entire process typically takes three to six months. The dentist continues to monitor his patient as this process continues.

The second part of the placement process is placing the tooth cap over the anchor. This is the most exciting part of the process for the patient because the patient finally gets to see their new smile revealed. Placement of the tooth caps must be done precisely to ensure a natural look and bite. These are placed at precise angles and depths to ensure the patient’s bite is not compromised in any way.

Once a patient has received Dental Implants in Glenpool, these can last a lifetime and should be considered a permanent part of a person’s smile. Proper care can keep implant teeth looking their best.

For further information on dental implants or other dental services, contact Elwood Avenue Dental for a consultation. A beautiful smile awaits those that seek dental care on a regular basis. Call today and get started on restoring your smile.

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