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Complicated Extractions Are Made Easier With the Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ

An oral surgeon provides many services to their patients. Often, surgeons handle complicated tooth extractions that would not be safe to carry out in a traditional dental office setting. Many people feel nervous when it comes to having their teeth pulled. Knowing what to expect from the Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ will help to set minds at ease and make patients feel more comfortable as they go through the extraction process.

Why Do Oral Surgeons Handle Extractions?

Extractions sometimes need to be carried out by the surgeon because the surgeon can place the patient under varying degrees of anesthesia, depending on their needs. When a large tooth with a complicated root system needs to be extracted, it is sometimes safer for the Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ to use general anesthesia. General anesthesia is sometimes needed because it is difficult to completely numb the area with a local anesthetic.

Sometimes, the tooth needs to be removed in pieces because of its location or size. Dissecting the tooth allows for greater control over the removal process so the tooth can be safely removed without harming the jawbone or surrounding teeth. The surgeon will work to use the safest and most efficient method of removing the tooth.

What Can Patients Expect From the Healing Process?

The healing process takes a couple of weeks, depending on the method of extraction. If stitches are put in place, these will need to dissolve over a period of a few days. It is imperative the patient follows all instructions provided to them by their surgeon. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions could result in poor healing ability and adverse issues.

Eating a soft foods diet and being careful not to smoke, suck on a straw, or spit is important as the gums are healing. When a tooth is removed, the gum tissue will be sensitive until full healing takes place.

To learn more about the services provided by the oral surgeon, Browse the site for more details. Call the office right away and they will be happy to help you with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

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