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Advice From The Dentist: Protect Oral Health And Overall Health By Working Out And Brushing At The Same Time

There are a number of people who think they don’t have any time to exercise. However, the fact is, most people can find time if they learn to multi-task. When brushing the teeth, it is recommended that two minutes are spent, essentially standing still in front of the bathroom sink -; two times a day. Rather than wasting this valuable time, utilize it by working in a quick, yet effective, workout.

Remember, don’t try to do too much in terms of exercise since this may result in the quality of the brushing being interrupted. Three exercise to fit in can be found here.


This is a perfect move for improving flexibility and strengthening the entire core and lower body. Be sure to use proper form while squatting and don’t forget to keep brushing.


Another quick move that can be repeated a few times in just two minutes is lunges. These are a great and effective exercise for toning the thighs and working to strengthen the hips. Doing a proper lunge can be tricky. It is important to keep the upper body completely straight, shoulders back and core tight. If proper form is impossible while brushing, it is best to stick with the other two workouts. This will ensure the Dentist doesn’t find any serious issues with the teeth during the next checkup.

Calf Raises

It is also possible to brush and tone the bottom portion of the legs. Calf raises are easy and don’t take much effort so they shouldn’t affect a person’s ability to brush their teeth well. All that has to be done for this exercise is to stand with the feet right over the hips and then lift and lower the heels in a controlled motion.

A Dentist is a person’s partner in health for their entire life. As a result, they will likely be on board with a patient who multi-tasks while brushing. More information about multi-tasking and how to brush properly can be found by visiting the  website. Being informed will help ensure great oral health, as well as great overall health throughout a person’s life. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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